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Up To Date Note (Nov 2022): 

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Always check with your state boards for specific CE requirements for psychiatric technicians.

A major public health problem in the United States and worldwide, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the leading cause of death from liver disease and the principal indication for liver transplantation in the United States. This CEU course provides nurses with information on hepatitis C, focusing on epidemiology such as prevalence and shifting demographics; morbidity and mortality; HCV testing strategies; risk factors; counseling patients with hepatitis C; prevention; treatment and barriers to treatment; and interferon-free therapy. – 1.0 Free Nursing CEU Contact Hour

To take the free continuing education courses listed above, simply click the link above and then download the course material for free. Then take their test and get a 70% or better score. The test is free to take. To receive the online certificate for the continuing education credit, simply take the free test and once you pass, you’ll be able to print your psychiatric nursing CEU certificate.

We recommend either printing or downloading the continuing education courses certificate (once you pass the test) and remember all the courses listed on this website are all free continuing education CEUs. All of these nursing CEUs listed on this page are also approved CEUs. Taking these CEU courses will take you one step closer to renewing your nursing license.

We care about your psychiatric nursing education and long-term continuing education. That is why the courses listed on this page will always be free. If we find any more free psychiatric technician CEU courses will we add them to this page. 

Again, we believe in psych nursing education and online continuing education for long-term care of our psych techs. Don’t forget to check out the website often because we are going to add new free psych tech continuing education courses!

All the psych nursing education requirements do vary very much from county to county and state to state.

The actual number of free psychiatric nursing CEUs courses or units that are allowed to be taken online from accredited online continuing education providers do vary from county to county and state to state so it’s vitally important that you check with your nursing state board and inquire to find out exactly how many online continuing education courses you’re allowed to take.

We recommend taking the free psych nursing CEU courses available on this page and then once you pass your test and get your CEU credit, you can take your CEU certificate and double-check with your state board if they qualify as approved continuing education courses for psychiatric technicians in your state.

If you are looking for more continuing education, check with your national association or board and while you’re at home, take some more free continuing education for nurses from our partner website here! In fact, they offer unlimited psych tech CEUS for 19.99/year, check it out when you get a chance.

Don’t forget to take the free psychiatric nursing CEUs online by clicking the link above. They are state-approved CEUs or contact hours, perfect for those looking for continuing education. Again don’t forget to click the link above to get free psych tech CEU credit!

All the courses we have listed on this site are not the intellectual property of, we do not own or have the right to offer any courses and we are not responsible for them. Please always refer to your provider’s website to check for accreditation information for your specific profession. Also please always check the websites for their terms and conditions offered.

Psychiatric technician continuing education courses are always going to be free on our website. Remember to check back often as we’re always adding more free psych nursing CEUs.

Please check with your state nursing state boards for specific CEU requirements. We are always keeping this page up to date, so sign up to our email list or check back often as we will be frequently adding even more free continuing education courses for psych nurses.