Free CEUS For Marriage and Family Therapists

Welcome! We are very excited to sponsor this website project dedicated to serving and providing free marriage and family therapists CEUS.

Please see our free continuing education courses below and don’t forget to check with your state boards for marriage and family therapists specific CEU requirements to renew your license.

The Effects of Child Maltreatment on Brain Development – A greater number of research findings have incorporated the effects of abuse and neglect on the developing brain, especially during infancy and early childhood. This brief, intermediate level continuing education course, developed using material from Child Welfare Information Gateway, provides basic facts on typical brain development and the potential effects of abuse and neglect on that development. The information is designed to help professionals understand the emotional, mental, and behavioral impact of early abuse and neglect in children who have been exposed to chaotic or threatening environments. – 1.0 Free CEU

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Free Online Marriage and Family Therapists Continuing Education

All the marriage and family therapists’ continuing education requirements do vary very much from county to county and state to state.

The actual number of marriage and family therapists CE units which are allowed to be taken online from accreditated online continuing education providers do vary from county to county and state to state.

So it’s important that you check with your state board and inquire to find out exactly how many marriage and family therapists CEUS you’re allowed to take.

How Do I Take the Free CEU Course For Family and Marriage Therapists?

All you have to do is click the link above and then download the course. Then once you read through the materials, take the free test and pass with 70% or better.

Once you pass the test, you get the continuing education credit and can download a certificate to show your board that you completed online continuing education.

These CEUS or continuing education unit for marriage therapists and family therapists or similar health professionals that can use these CEU’s towards their continuing education requirement to renew their license.

Take the free CEU course above to fulfill your continuing education requirements to renew your license for marriage and family therapists. Click the link above to get the free CEU credit.

Free Continuing Education Units For Marriage and Family Therapists

If you are looking for more online continuing education units. The partner website we linked too above has new continuing education courses every month.

For marriage and family therapists, we first recommend taking the free course here. Once you take that free continuing education and get free CEU credit.

Then take more CEU courses on our partner website that fit your professional CEU requirements so you can as finish your continuing education online and get closer to renewing your license.

Free CEUS For Marriage and Family Therapists

We are a website dedicated to free CEU courses focusing on professional education for marriage and family therapists and other professionals.

In other words, professional family therapist and marriage and family therapy mental health professionals are what this page is dedicated too.

The course hours available are 1.0 free CEU credit for the above free CEU course.

The course is offered all online and is specifically for marriage and family therapists professional development.

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All the continuing education courses we have listed on this site are not the intellectual property of, we do not own or have the right to offer any continuing education and we are not responsible for them.

Please always refer to your provider’s website to check for accreditation information for your specific profession. Also please always check the websites for their terms and conditions offered.

Marriage and family therapy faq

Yes, the continuing course linked above is really 100% free. If you are a family therapist and marriage therapist looking for free continuing education take the course above. It's really free.
Each board has different requirements for marriage and family therapists so we recommend taking the course since it's free and then check with your board to see how many continuing education units you need as a marriage and family therapist you renew your license.
No, this course is specifically for marriage and family therapists.
No this continuing education course is specifically for marriage and family therapists to take to bring them one step closer to renewing their license.
Yes, we have many more free continuing education courses. See our other pages to see what other free continuing education courses we offer
Yes, absolutely! This course is perfect for marriage and family therapist professionals. It's meant for professional development.
No, this course is specifically made for family therapist professionals and marriage therapist professionals.
Yes! This course is meant for family and marriage therapists to help renew their licenses. As mental health professionals, the state board requires a certain amount of professional development courses to have been taken in order to renew their license to continue their profession. The free ceu course above helps fulfill that requirement.