Free Occupational Therapy CEUs

Free Occupational Therapy CEUs

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Vision is one of many crucial performance skills that occupational therapists address as part of their treatment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate 12 million Americans are living with ongoing vision concerns, which makes the low vision practice area an important one within our field. OTs are known to help individuals with chronic or acute visual conditions. However, there are other medical concerns that can lead someone to experience secondary visual deficits. The CDC says about 80 million Americans have health conditions that can lead to blindness if they are unmanaged. Regardless of their etiology, vision problems can impact a person’s quality of life and occupational engagement across the lifespan. This is why preventive, rehabilitative, and maintenance services from occupational therapists are so important to this population. Occupational therapists with any amount of experience have the skills needed to assist individuals with visual impairments as they lead fuller, more meaningful lives.

CEU Course Objectives

  1. Explain how major vision concerns impact a person’s function.
  2. Identify the major visual impairments and eye conditions that OTs can provide treatment for.
  3. Describe the difference between vision rehabilitation and low vision treatment as part of occupational therapy.

Since stretching exercises are commonly prescribed in training and rehabilitation programs, this CE course provides physical therapists with the determined frequency of on-going hamstring stretching required to maintain knee extension range of motion following an initial stretching program.

The article for this course is from Physiotherapy New Zealand,, as first published in the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Discuss the criteria of a hamstring muscle group stretching program to be sufficient for eliciting significant changes in knee extension range of motion.

2.  Investigate how many times per week an on-going stretching program is required in order to maintain the improvement in range of motion following an initial stretching program.

3.  Identify how to increase compliance rates with home exercise programs once a client is discharged from therapy. – 1 OT contact hour

This 1.25 hour continuing education course provides a general overview of common motor-based interventions utilized in neurorehabilitation. Various techniques will be integrated into a mixed-method plan of care to restore functional use of the affected upper extremity. The course will be presented in a case study format and will utilize various media including photos and videos. Completion of this course will result in 1.25 hours of AOTA Approved CEUs.
CEU Objectives:
  • Integrate a mixed method approach to improve functional performance in neurological injuries

  • Analyze movement patterns and utilize positional training to increase volitional movement for neurological injuries

  • Combine task-oriented interventions with biomechanical interventions to improve occupational engagement – 1 OT Contact Hour

This 1.5-hour self-study course will introduce you to the basic principles of electrical stimulation along with the physiological effects and clinical applications. Indications, contraindications, types of current, waveforms, and parameter descriptions will also be discussed. Upon completion of all modules, and successful passing of the quiz (≥ 80%), you will be awarded 1.5 NBCOT PDU (0.15 AOTA CEUs) for your participation. This introductory CEU course is intended for medical professionals (e.g. OT/OTA, PT/PTA, Physicians, Orthotists) directly related to the rehabilitation of a patient or client. To participate in this CEU and receive credit, the participant must be a licensed, treating clinician.
Course Objectives:
  • Explain the principles of electrical stimulation

  • Discuss common indications and contraindications

  • Describe various forms of electrical stimulation currently available and explain their purpose

  • Describe the effects of electrotherapy on muscle tissue

  • Explain the basic elements of electrotherapy and define individual parameters used

  • Discuss appropriate electrode placement, setup, and configuration

  • Explain the principles of tissue impedance and the impact on current flow -1.5 contact hours

Free CEU course offered for a limited time. Understand and learn ways to mitigate the mental health impacts of a pandemic on nurses, other healthcare professionals, and patients. Review recent pandemics and current coronavirus (COVID-19) issues. This course focuses on preventing and addressing stress and anxiety during this unprecedented crisis and focuses on strategies for mental well-being.


LEARNING OUTCOME AND OBJECTIVES:  Upon completion of this course, you will have gained an understanding of and ways to mitigate the mental health impacts of a pandemic. Specific learning objectives to address potential learning gaps include:

  • Define the term “pandemic.”
  • Describe the psychological effects of a widespread infectious illness on the general population and effects unique to healthcare workers.
  • Summarize strategies to reduce mental health impacts among patients and healthcare workers.
  • Discuss the “duty of care” concept. -1.5 contact hours

Free Occupational Therapy Continuing Education

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