Free CEU For Substance Abuse Counselors

Welcome! We are very excited to provide this website project dedicated to providing Free CEUS for substance abuse counselors. Each continuing education course below is free and counts for CEU credit. Please check with your state boards for specific CEU requirements. We are always keeping this page up to date, so sign up to our email list or check back often as we will be frequently adding even more free CEU courses for substance abuse counselors. If you have any questions, please use the contact form.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Suicide Prevention Strategies – Suicide in the United States is continuing to increase. This CE course provides a snapshot of recent efforts to implement the goals and objectives of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and makes suggestions for increasing the effectiveness of these implementation efforts. – 1.0 Free CEU

Resilience Factors for People Who Use Drugs – Research in the area of illicit substance use remains preoccupied with describing and analyzing the risks of people who use drugs (PWUD), however, more recently there has been a drive to use a strengths-based or resilience approach as an alternative to investigating drug use. This CEU course analyzes how the concept of resilience is defined, operationalized, and applied in substance use research. – 1.0 Free CEU

Dual Diagnosis: Understanding Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders – Behavioral health professionals have a responsibility to be aware of the complex relationship between mental illness and substance abuse or dependence, known as dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders. Topics include characteristics and prevalence, theories, screening and assessment, and treatment of dual diagnosis. – 1.0 Free CEU

Online Substance Abuse Continuing Education

All the Social Work CEU (ie. continuing education) requirements do vary very much from county to county and state to state. The actual number of Social Worker CE units which are allowed to be taken online from accreditated online continuing education or CEUS providers do vary from county to county and state to state so it’s vitally important that you check with your state board and inquire to find out exactly how many CEUS your allowed to take.

Free Substance Abuse Ceus

The free CEUS offered on this website is for addiction professionals that need continuing education. The free courses are taken, and then you get CEU credit once you pass the test. The courses are aimed at substance abuse counselors that need more continuing education. Once again, these are free ceu for substance abuse counselors.

We do not offer classes, all the continuing education courses offered on this site are for free counseling ceus. Check with your state education board for ceu courses you are allowed to take.

Substance Abuse Ceus Free

These courses offered above are free ceu continuing education units for substance abuse counselors. The courses above touch on different addiction-related topics in the health field. We do have social work CEUS on the website but the continuing education units on this page are for substance abuse counselors.

The state boards differ for every state so check with your board to see how many continuing education courses you can take to fulfill your CEU requirements. The courses offered on this site are free and for substance abuse counselors.

Free Ceus For Substance Abuse Counselors

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All the courses we have listed on this site are not the property of, we do not own or have the right to offer any courses and we are not responsible for them. Please always refer to your provider’s website to check for accreditation information for your specific profession. Always check the websites for their terms and conditions offered.